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About Hey Pretty Magpie

Hey Pretty Magpie was founded by Michelle Owens, in May 2020. Michelle has always been obsessed with hair and pretty accessories and how fantastic a 'good hair day' makes you feel. Whilst binge watching Gossip Girl many years ago, Michelle fell in love with Blair Waldorf's incredible hair accessories. This fuelled her desire to create unique, luxury and memorable pieces with the highest quality materials at a reasonable price point.

How We Began 

Hey Pretty Magpie began with an idea during the covid 19 lockdown, as a hobby to occupy an anxious mind. Michelle spent hours learning about hand wiring hairbands and then moved onto importing and reselling goods. She roped all of her kids into modelling for her, even though they are all boys!!!! Bribed with a lot of chocolate of course!!! and started her Instagram account @heyprettymagpie.

Our Goals & Ethos

We believe hairbands should be for everyday and we have something suitable for all occasions. The perfect hairband has the power to transform a bad hair day, finish off an outfit and make the wearer look and feel her absolute best. We have a diverse customer base and our pieces are created with women of every age, size and style, in mind.
The dream would be to generate enough business through reselling and hand making that we can begin to invest in our very own collection, on a bigger scale, all Designed by Hey Pretty Magpie.

"Our Pieces Are Designed To Be Cherished Forever."